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GIS in QGIS 3 for beginners (project and e-book)

GIS in QGIS 3 for beginners (project and e-book)
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GIS in QGIS 3 for beginners (project and e-book)
Learn QGIS 3 from scratch by solving a real life project and get bonus e-book guide
by Krzysztof Raczynski

What you'll learn

  • Using QGIS 3 software from scratch
  • Working with spatial data
  • Digitalization and map visualization
  • Finding and loading data (local and online)
  • Graphic files calibration
  • Data visualization styles
  • Geoprocessing of vector and raster data
  • Importing GPS coordinates
  • Attribute interpolation
  • Kriging
  • Spatial statistics calculations
  • Selective search
  • Conditions
  • Creating maps
  • 3D visualization

In this course you will learn everything you need to know to start your journey with GIS software by solving a real-life scenario. We will start by preparing our project and all data we might need, planning our work and managing task progress. I will show you all the most important tools, you will learn how to import and export spatial data, modify it, calculate parameters, search for cases, visualize data, create maps and much more. It is a KNOW-HOW for every beginner in spatial analysis, whether you are a student, an administration employee, a data enthusiast or you just want to expand your competences. By the end of this course You will have a project file that You can later show f.e. to your future employer. Additionally You’ll get a e-book guide which you can always use in the future if necessary.
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