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Grafana documentation Installing Grafana Install on Linux Install on macOS Install on Windows Run Docker image Grafana Cloud Nightly builds Guides What is Grafana? Get an overview of Grafana's key features. Getting started Learn the basics of using Grafana. Configure Grafana Review the configuration and setup options. Intro to time series Learn about time series data.
by Sean Bradley

What you'll learn
  • Explore the Graph, Singlestat, Gauge, Bar Gauge, Table, Text, Heatmap and Logs Panels
  • Install and configure a MySQL Datasource, Dashboard and Collector
  • Install and configure a Zabbix Server Datasource, Dashboards
  • Install and configure InfluxDB with Telegraf
  • Use Dashboard Variables to create Dynamic Dashboards with Automatic Visualisation Placement
  • Install an SNMP Agent and Configure Telegraf SNMP Input
  • Install Loki Data Source that queries a Loki Service that is ingesting data from a Promtail Service.
  • Graph Time Series aswell as Non Time Series SQL Data
  • Create custom MySQL Time Series Queries
  • Install Grafana from Packages
  • Create a domain name, install an SSL certificate and change the defaullt port for the Grafana Server
  • Explore the Dashboards Panels Options
  • Install a SMTP server and setup an Email Notification Channel
  • Setup Alerts for when SNMP devices go offline or return no data
  • Setup a SMS Alerting Channel using AWS SNS
  • Setup a Telegram Bot Alerting Channel
  • Use Annotation Queries to Link Logs Panels and Graph Panels
  • Install Prometheus with Several Node Exporters and A Dashboard
  • Setup Different Value Groups/Tags for Zabbix and InfluxDB Datasources
  • Create a Disk Read/Write Rates Dashboard with the Zabbix Data Source

Welcome to my course on Grafana

Grafana is the leading open source tool for visualizing metrics, time series data and application analytics.

I demonstrate many things in this course, with all the example commands provided for you to easily copy and paste.

This is a Learn by example course, where I demonstrate all the concepts discussed so that you can see them working, and you can try them out for yourself as well.

With this course, comes accompanying documentation that you can access for free. You will then be able to match what you see in the videos and copy/paste directly from my documentation and see the same result.
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