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HTML5 Canvas Projects

 HTML5 Canvas Projects
HTML5 Canvas Projects | Udemy Coupon Day
The code in these projects is included!!! for you to be able to get a jump start on creating your own projects using Canvas. Who this course is for: anyone who wants to learn more about using HTML5 canvas; anyone who wants to enhance their skills with canvas; build real world projects using javascript and canvas

What you'll learn
  • HTML5 Canvas drawing with JavaScript.
  • Game programming.
  • Use sounds in a web application.
  • Saving images in a web application.
  • Keyboard controls.

HTML5 Canvas Projects

With the advent of the HTML5 Canvas tag, the world of graphical manipulation in the browser has become a reality. This series is an exploration of some the possibility that are available when using the canvas element. The ultimate aim is to use project-based exploration of the capabilities of the HTML5 Canvas element by building games as well as some utilities. Along the way, you may learn some other interesting JavaScript uses. See you there!

Course Format

•          Binge-worthy TV shows! Watch comprehensive, in-depth episodes that use a talk show-like format to keep you engaged while learning.

•          You can pick and choose episodes or you can watch as a complete series.

•          A little humor, anecdotes, and real-world examples.

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