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JSON in Action: Build JSON-Based Applications

 Udemy Course JSON in Action: Build JSON-Based Applications | NED
learn how to develop applications making use of real-world APIs that return JSON data. Just learning JSON syntax is not going to help you in anyways.

What you'll learn
 JSON in Action: Build JSON-Based Applications

  • Understand why JSON is popular as a data interchange format
  • Understand the difference between JSON and XML
  • Understand why JSON is NOT JavaScript Object
  • Learn JSON syntax and data types
  • Learn to write JSON data (simple and complex) on your own
  • Learn how to use JSON with JavaScript
  • Learn to collect the required piece of information even from complex JSON data
  • Learn how to contact an API and collect JSON response
  • Learn how to use JSON with PHP
  • Develop your own applications making use of popular APIs

***Quizzes, Hands-On Practices and Unique Projects are Included***


JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a popular language independent, data interchange format. JSON has significantly improved server-to-browser communications, especially when it comes to AJAX. Most of today's APIs return the response in JSON format as it is much easier to load, read and process JSON compared to XML, making it very popular.

JavaScript Object Notation is text-based and human-readable. JSON is very easy to use with JavaScript as the syntax of JSON is a subset of JavaScript. Though it is a subset of JavaScript, JSON is language-independent. Most of the popular programming languages including PHP, Ruby, C#, Python etc. support JSON making it the widely used data interchange format.

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