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Master writing by writing mindfully

 Master writing by writing mindfully
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Master writing by writing mindfully
 How to use calligraphy for mindfulness with Betty Soldi – plus mindful writing exercise sheets to download Calligraphy isn't just a beautiful art form – it's a way of writing mindfully while creating something stunning at the same time
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by Mike X Cohen

What you'll learn
  • Tips to improve your writing
  • How to have a positive and mindful attitude in writing and in life
  • The benefits of mind wandering (really!)
  • How to overcome writer's block
  • Concrete tips for improving your writing style

What is this course about?

This is an unconventional course. I take a different approach to teaching writing skills. Sure, you can memorize a bunch of grammar rules and fancy-sounding words; you can read the classic writing style guides. Those are good uses of your time, and obviously you need a decent grasp of grammar. But memorizing rules and words won't make you a better writer.

I've read tons of style books and websites, and took several writing courses in university. And what did I learn? I learned that all good advice on being a better writer is basically the same, except no one says it in a straight forward way. So let me spare you the time and effort: Good writing comes from mindful writing.

What is mindful writing? It's basically taking principles of mindfulness and applying them to writing and editing. I take a psychological and experiential approach to becoming a better writer. I think this is much more fruitful than taking a purely technical/academic approach. That's because I believe that being a good writer comes from having the right mindset. And that mindset is what I focus on in this course.

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