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Quantum Computing for Beginners

 Quantum Computing for Beginners
Udemy course Quantum Computing for Beginners | NED
Quantum Computing Introduction for Beginners In the following we explain quantum computing in simple terms, so everyone can understand this amazing topic
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by Kazi Nasrat Ali

What you'll learn
  • Learn about Quantum Computing and its super-powers
  • Quantum Superposition, Entanglement
  • Qubit, Quantum Gates and Algorithms
  • Create Quantum Circuit and run on IBM Quantum Computers
  • Quantum Teleportation
  • Bloch Sphere
  • Hadamard Gate, Paulli Gates, Toffoli Gate
  • Quantum Cryptography

Build a Solid Foundation on Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing has immense power. Classical computers are reaching their limits. Quantum computing is built on Quantum Physics, and uses properties like Superposition, Entanglement to do the computation.

In this course you will learn about:
  • What is Quantum Computing?
  • How to design Quantum circuits and run in IBM Quantum  Computer
  • Superposition, Entanglement & Teleportation concepts
  • Applications of Quantum Computing
  • Qubit and Various Quantum gates, comparison with classical gates
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