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React VR - Creating Virtual Reality Apps

React VR - Creating Virtual Reality Apps
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React VR - Creating Virtual Reality Apps
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by David Joseph Katz

What you'll learn

  • Build entire React VR applications from scratch.
  • Develop apps that deal with APIs and web requests.
  • Create production versions of React VR to publish online.

Get on the forefront of innovation. Become an in-demand software engineer by taking this tutorial on React VR. React VR is one of the most innovative and hot frameworks on the scene for virtual reality development.

The framework just launched in 2017, giving you the ability to create virtual reality apps with the web development skills you already have. So get ahead of the game as one of the first adopters of this exciting new technology!

This project-based course will get you coding from the get-go. By building three example projects, you will gain the skills to create full React VR projects.

First, learn the essentials of React VR by going through the main concepts. Then, build your first application that creates a tour of the world. Second, create an addicting three-dimensional game with a local storage feature. Finally, learn how to use an API to grab information from the web to use in your Virtual Reality application.

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