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Security Awareness Training, Internet Security for Employees

 Security Awareness Training, Internet Security for Employees
 Security Awareness Training, Internet Security for Employees | NED
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by Roy Davis
 What you'll learn
  • Discover the WHY behind security awareness. This will help make things stick!
  • How to build up your resilience to attacks and why this is more important than you currently think.
  • Learn about social engineering, what makes it work, and how to spot the red flags before you get duped.
  • Learn the fast and easy process to spot a fake email.
  • Hear password best practices you can actually follow.
  • How to create security questions that aren't easily guessed.
  • Learn about ransomware, why it's popular, and what you can do to prevent it.
  • How to browse the Internet safely and learn about typosquatting, malicious websites, and more.

Why Security Awareness?

Data breaches are on the rise and it's getting more and more dangerous to function online. This is where a good security awareness program is important. Most importantly, we (the nerds) need YOU to help keep things secure.

That's right. Security is more than an IT or Security department function and we haven't been as good at communicating that to you in the past.

You may hear professionals claim how everyone is getting compromised over simple attacks that have been around for decades. It starts off as something that's easy to prevent then launches into an intelligence war. "It's easy to protect yourself," some may claim. "All you need to do is be careful what you download, who you talk to, and what you allow to happen." They give off the vibe that people don't care.
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