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Start & Grow Your Successful Career in Cyber Security

 Start & Grow Your Successful Career in Cyber Security
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 Start & Grow Your Successful Career in Cyber Security
 We created this guide on How to Start A Successful Career in Cyber Security to help those who want to jump in to a new career but don’t know how! In this guide you’ll find tips and strategies, a breakdown of Cyber Security roles, and some REALLY important notes for Cyber Security interested individuals.
by Alexander Oni

What you'll learn
  • Be able to forge a path towards building a successful career in cyber security
  • Have a proper understanding of what skills are needed to become a cyber security professional
  • Know the best certifications to write for specific job roles

According to an article from Forbes magazine, global spending on cyber security products and services will exceed $1 trillion by 2021.  It is also predicted that the tremendous demand for cyber security experts by companies and governments around the world will continue to rise.

With promising forecast like these, it is no wonder that a lot of people are considering a career in the booming cyber security industry.  However becoming a cyber security expert can be tricky and is filled with many questions.  What skills do I need? What kinds of jobs can I apply for? What kinds of certifications do I need to possess?
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