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Taming REGEX - A Complete Guide to Regular Expressions

 Taming REGEX - A Complete Guide to Regular Expressions
Taming REGEX - A Complete Guide to Regular Expressions 
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 Regular Expressions (also called Regex or Regexp) is a pattern in which the rules for matching text are written in form of metacharacters, quantifiers or plain text. They are strings in which “what to match” is defined or written. Regex is used for finding patterns or replacing the matched patterns.
by Paul Ogier

What you'll learn
  • This Regular Expressions (Regex) course is not only designed to teach you regex but also designed to hone your knowledge by giving you real-world examples to work with.
  • Understanding regex is a powerful tool to have at your disposal and is a crucial skill set for IT professionals and people whose jobs entail data analysis.
  • Understanding regex is critical in using and utilising the full scope and functionality of some of the world’s most popular programming languages such as Python, PowerShell, Javascript, PHP etc.
  • You will learn the difference between Positive and Negative, Lookahead and Lookbehinds in Regex
  • Use Regular Expressions to fix and manipulate US and UK Dates
  • You will learn about Capturing Groups and Backreferences in Regex
  • Figure out Greedy, Lazy and Possessive Quantifiers

Brand new course. Just released March 2020.

Welcome to Taming.Tech’s REGEX Course. No previous Regular Expressions experience required!

Regular expressions are also referred to as Regex, Regexes or Regexp (sometimes called a rational expression)

This course is designed to advance you from beginner to proficient. It is laid out logically so that you can incrementally build your regular expressions knowledge. Essential foundations are established first to facilitate in-depth comprehension of this key skill.

The real world and real-life examples explored in this course will deepen your understanding of REGEX and how to apply what you’ve learnt authentically and appropriately. Experimentation with a new skill is vital in exercising and integrating wider application; which is why we’ll explore practical examples because it ingrains the information contained here.

Our world is pretty much run by data now and those that know how to intelligently interrogate and manage data have a distinct advantage. Regular expressions unlock the powerful possibilities of any data set.

Data analysis is vital in a variety of industries and circumstances and being able to deploy and utilise this formidable tool will strengthen your skills set, enhance your confidence and give you an edge.
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