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The 10 Day iPhone App Bootcamp - NEW iOS 12 and Xcode 10

The 10 Day iPhone App Bootcamp - NEW iOS 12 and Xcode 10
best udemy course The 10 Day iPhone App Bootcamp - NEW iOS 12 and Xcode 10 | NED
In 10 days you can have your own app in the App Store! Learn how to make apps using Swift 4.2, Xcode 10, and iOS 12.BESTSELLER
by Nick Walter

What you'll learn

  • Submit Your Own App to the App Store!
  • Become a Swift 4 Programmer
  • Industry Tips Like How to Get a Job and Make Money from Your Apps
  • Create a Bitcoin Price Tracking App
  • Create a ToDo List App
  • Create a Joke Bank App
  • Create a Photo Based Collector App
  • Create an App With Machine Learning

Welcome to the 10-day iPhone App Bootcamp! If you're looking for a course that is fun and gets straight to the point, then this is the course for you. This course will give brand-new programmers all of the skills that they need to create an app and submit it to the app store in just 10 days!

Other mega courses on Udemy offer 40+ hours of video content, but I wanted to create a course that was more manageable for beginners and didn't include any fluff. In each video I dive straight into the topic, and don't waste your time going over things that you don't really need. I only focus on the essentials, and I give you hands-on practice so that you can easily master the things we are learning!

This course is designed to be taken over a 10-day period, with 1-2 hours dedicated to learning each day. This course is easy to commit to because you won't get overwhelmed with a mountain of content, and you don't need to quit your day job to learn how to code!

Over the past four years I've taught over 90,000 people how to code, and I am a self-taught programmer so I know what it feels like to start from scratch. I care about your learning, but even more importantly... I care about you! I know your time is valuable, so I promise not to waste it.
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