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The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux)

 The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux)
Udemy Course The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux) NED
This project based course will introduce you to all of the modern toolchain of a React developer in 2020
by Andrew Mead

What you'll learn
  • Build, test, and launch React apps
  • Use cutting-edge ES6/ES7 JavaScript
  • Setup authentication and user accounts
  • Deploy your React apps live to the web
  • Learn the latest React libraries and tools
  • Master React, Redux, React-Router, and more
This course was just updated to support React v16, React Hooks, the Context API, and more!
Have you tried to learn React before?
It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of libraries and tools only to come out of it not knowing how to build and launch a real-world React application. You get things configured, but you’re not sure how the libraries fit together (or if you’re even using the right one).
Sound familiar?
I built this course to show you how you can build and launch real-world React web applications.
The Complete React Web Developer Course 2 starts with the fundamentals and covers everything you’ll need to build and launch React web apps.
You’ll see what it takes to build and launch a React app, from the first line of code to the final production deployment.
This course was designed around one goal: turning you into a professional React developer capable of developing, testing, and deploying real-world production applications.

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