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UiPath - Level 1 Robotic Process Automation

UiPath - Level 1 Robotic Process Automation
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UiPath - Level 1 Robotic Process Automation
Level 1 - RPA Developer Foundation Training. Training overview: Dedicated to beginner-level users, the RPA Developer Foundation Training is designed to walk ...
by Bryan Lamb

What you'll learn

  • Install UiPath Studio on WINDOWS (there is no Mac version)
  • Install packages for automating specific targets
  • Understand the UI & tool windows
  • Understand the most important RPA activity types
  • Understand how to add logic to software robots
  • Use "exception handling" to gracefully handle errors
  • Schedule robot execution using Orchestrator

If you're not learning robotic process automation, or, RPA, right now… you're already behind.

Much in the same way physical robots have been rapidly replacing industrial, blue-collar jobs, software robots will be replacing a high percentage of white collar jobs… sooner than you think.

THAT is "robotic process automation".  

UiPath skills are HOT. I received a quote from a vendor recently and they are asking $207/hr for their resources. Wow!
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