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Weather Application with Angular Express

 Weather Application with Angular Express
Weather Application with Angular Express | Udemy Coupon Day
In this episode, Daniel and Justin give a general overview of what to expect in the upcoming Weather App with AngularJS and Express series. They cover topics like who is the intended audience, what the scope of the series will cover, and what are some specific topics that will be addressed.

by ITPro TV, Justin Dennison

What you'll learn
  • Create an AngularJS application that utilizes a data driven approach.
  • Create a basic build system for bundling and processing source and assets.
  • Use Express as a proxy for another HTTP service.
  • Learn to hide sensitive credentials.
  • Deploy to Heroku and GitHub Pages.
  • Use geolocation and geocoding services.

Weather Application with Angular and Express

In this series, Justin is going to combine the powers of the Express web framework with the power of AngularJS on the front end to create a weather forecast web application. Express will be used to proxy the request from the front end to the DarkSky API that is being consumed as a measure of hiding the credentials that are necessary for making the request. Moreover, Angular will interact with the proxy in order to obtain the information needed to render the application. If you want to see how this application comes together, then join us!

Course Format

•          Binge-worthy TV shows! Watch comprehensive, in-depth episodes that use a talk show-like format to keep you engaged while learning.

•          You can pick and choose episodes or you can watch as a complete series.

•          A little humor, anecdotes, and real-world examples.

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Updates and Versions

The programming world updates at a break neck pace. As a result, there are times that certain tools, editors, libraries have changed. While syntax or names may change, the foundations remain the same. Though we hope to keep things updated, there may be time before that can occur. I recommend seeing if you can translate between changes and if all fails, ask questions!
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