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Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis Complete Training

Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis Complete Training
  Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis: Complete Training is here for you. One of the best Finance courses available on Udemy, it includes everything you’ll need. We will start from the very basics and then gradually build a solid foundation that will serve you well throughout your career. 
  by 365 Careers

 What you'll learn
  • Understand bookkeeping records
  • Build an Income Statement
  • Build a Balance Sheet
  • Understand the accounting equation and the principle of double entry
  • Tell the difference between debits and credits
  • Account for the difference between income and cash
  • Navigate through Financial Reports with ease
  • Perform Vertical and Horizontal Analysis
  • Calculate Liquidity, Solvency, Profitability and Growth ratios
  • Analyze a company's performance based on the figures in its annual report
Accounting is one of the most important skills for people pursuing a career in Finance.
It helps you understand whether a business is profitable.
It gives you an idea of a company’s size.
It helps you use the past in order to take action in the present and change the future.
However, it’s essential that you understand it well.
If you want to become…
  • a Financial Analyst
  • an Accountant
  • an Auditor
  • a Business Analyst
  • a Financial Controller
  • a Financial Manager
  • a CFO
  • a CEO
  • an Investment Banker
  • an Equity Research Analyst
  • an Investor
  • an Entrepreneur 
  • Someone who is involved with a business and would like to be successful
Then you simply have to learn Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis. There is no way around it.
But how can you do that if you have very limited time and no prior training? And how can you be sure that you are not missing an important piece of the puzzle?
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