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Advanced Apache Spark for Data Scientists and Developers

 Advanced Apache Spark for Data Scientists and Developers
Udemy Course  Advanced Apache Spark for Data Scientists and Developers | NED
This course will introduce Apache Spark. The students will learn how Spark fits into the Big Data ecosystem, and how to use Spark for data analysis
by Adastra Academy

What you'll learn
  • Understand the functionality of Spark's four built-in libraries
  • Create real-world applications using Spark’s libraries
  • Understand how to develop, debug and optimize the performance of Spark applications

Apache Spark is an open source data processing engine. Spark is designed to provide fast processing of large datasets, and high performance for a wide range of analytics applications. Unlike MapReduce, Spark enables in-memory cluster computing which greatly improves the speed of iterative algorithms and interactive data mining tasks.

Adastra Academy’s Advanced Apache Spark includes illuminating video lectures, thorough application examples, a guide to install the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment, and quizzes. Through this course, you will learn about Spark’s four built-in libraries - SparkStreaming, DataFrames (SparkSQL), MLlib and GraphX - and how to develop, build, tune, and debug Spark applications. The course exercises will enable you to become proficient at creating fully functional real-world applications using the Apache Spark libraries. Unlike other courses, we give you the guided and ground-up approach to learning Spark that you need in order to become an expert.
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