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Beginners R Programming: Data Science and Machine Learning!

 Beginners R Programming: Data Science and Machine Learning!
Udemy Course Beginners R Programming: Data Science and Machine Learning! | NED
Programming Books for Beginners; Books for Data Science Learning (manipulation and plotting) Books for Machine Learning (predictive modelling) Programming Books for Beginners. First of all, to dive into data science or machine learning

What you'll learn
  • Code in R by building variables, loops, statements, and more.
  • Input data sets from text files, CSV files, or database systems.
  • Output data by creating tables, text files, or CSV files.
  • Build functions efficiently and apply functions to data.
  • Manipulate and store data properly using dplyr.
  • Use R packages to supersize your toolkit.
  • Solve practical business problems using R.
  • Fill out dataframes.
  • Visualize data and build plots using ggplot2.
  • Use machine learning techniques for R, including K-means clustering.
  • Make predictions with decision trees.
  • And more!

Have you ever wanted to code and use data to your advantage? Well, you've come to the right place!

After purchasing this course, you'll be taken step-by-step through every process needed to do just that.

Funded by a #1 Kickstarter Project by Mammoth Interactive.

Our very talented instructor John Kemp, explains everything from a basic, beginner level. That means, you don't have to have any prior coding experience to succeed here.

R Programming for Absolute Beginners: from Data Analytics to Visualization to Machine Learning!
  • 5 hours on-demand video!
  • Learn offline via the Udemy app
  • 14 Articles
  • 12 Downloadable Resources
  • Full lifetime access
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