Build and train a data model to recognize objects in images!

 Build and train a data model to recognize objects in images!
Udemy Course  Build and train a data model to recognize objects in images! | NED
the 60000 images into two parts. The bigger part contains 50000 images. This training set is what we use for training our model. The other 10000 images are called test set. Our model never gets to see those until the training is finished.

What you'll learn
  • Learn how to code in Python, a popular coding language used for websites like YouTube and Instagram.
  • Learn TensorFlow and how to build models of linear regression.
  • Make an image recognition model with CIFAR.

"Well done!!!!!! I found it the BEST source for me out of many to learn how to implement AI project due the facts it starts from the very basics of Python and TensorFlow and assumes no prior knowledge (or almost no prior knowledge) which should not be taken for granted since other courses do so. The instructor is wonderful and explains all the concepts wonderfully! Thank you so much! helped me a lot!"

"Very easy to understand. Loving it so far!" - Arthur G.

This course was funded by a wildly successful Kickstarter.

Let's learn how to perform automated image recognition! In this course, you learn how to code in Python, calculate linear regression with TensorFlow, and perform CIFAR 10 image data and recognition. We interweave theory with practical examples so that you learn by doing.

AI is code that mimics certain tasks. You can use AI to predict trends like the stock market. Automating tasks has exploded in popularity since TensorFlow became available to the public (like you and me!) AI like TensorFlow is great for automated tasks including facial recognition. One farmer used the machine model to pick cucumbers!

Join Mammoth Interactive in this course, where we blend theoretical knowledge with hands-on coding projects to teach you everything you need to know as a beginner to image recognition.

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