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Continuous Code Integration with TeamCity in Java : DevOps

 Continuous Code Integration with TeamCity in Java : DevOps
Udemy Course Continuous Code Integration with TeamCity in Java : DevOps | NED
DevOps Engineer: TeamCity - Continuous Integration & DevOps with Java and .NET Teamcity:
by Ankit Mistry
What you'll learn
  • What is continuous Integration
  • Benefits of CI and Why continuous Integration required
  • Continuous Integration tool TeamCity
  • Teamcity Installation on windows machine
  • Associate Github repository with Teamcity projects
  • Build maven based Java Application with Teamcity
  • End to end continuous Integration Setup with Teamcity CI tool
The era when software developer build their software program manually and a lot of his time got wasted in such highly repetitive mundane task has gone. This is the time when, all this mundane Devops related activity can be easily automated and productivity of software development team can be drastically improved and software developer can focus on logic programming and business implementation.
What Is  continuous integration?
So automating all those build process and deployment is considered as continuous integration activity in a software development life cycle. To achieve automated continuous integration, there are number of tools are available in the market like Jenkins bamboo Teamcity and many more.
This course will focus on one of the enterprise level highly feature-rich continuous integration tool Teamcity. We will learn about how to you automate build process of Maven base Java application and package it into generated artifacts.
In this course we will start with
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