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Data Visualisation

 Data Visualisation
Udemy Course Data Visualisation | NED
data visualization can help you process analytics and predict trends from top-rated data science instructors. Whether you’re interested in learning about Python, Tableau, or general data visualization techniques
by ATI - Analytics Training Institute

What you'll learn
  • Speedometer charts
  • Moving/Animated Speedometer Charts
  • Battery Charts
  • Moving/Animated Battery Charts
  • Controllable Charts
  • Form Controls in excel
  • Functions in Excel - Vlookup, Index, Match, Indirect.
  • Master key to Animate any report

This Course is about various ways to enhance your presentation and deals with the trending concepts of visualization like moving/Animated charts.

The concepts are explained around 5 examples which will provide an idea to 5 different types of data and the chosen ways to present it.

Ideally a person needs to spend around 2 to 3 hours to learn this lecture. However, i would suggest to pick one section at a time, Target - implement it at work. and after a successful implementation, go for the second section.

Happy Learning!
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