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Julia Programming For Data Science & Machine Learning :Julia

 Julia Programming For Data Science & Machine Learning :Julia
Udemy Course Julia Programming For Data Science & Machine Learning :Julia | NED
data science, with a programming background only in C, C++, C# and Matlab. currently I’m training myself the basic concepts of the field and learning to get comfortable with Python (and eventually go for R to make myself more versatile) with that in mind, plus things you say about Julia
 by Ankit Mistry, Data Science & Machine Learning Academy by Ankit Mistry
What you'll learn
  • Learn Julia programming constructs
  • Julia installation with jupyter notebook
  • Julia basics variable numbers and string
  • Julia collection array, dictionary and tuples
  • Julia package management
  • Learn to process vector and matrix in julia
  • Julia Dataframes package equivalent to pandas in Python
  • Draw plot with plots module in julia
  • Apply Linear Regression on Sales Data with GLM Model
  • Apply Multiple Linear Regression on Salary Data
 Description Do you like Python, you enjoy writing python code. It's very easy to code in python. But python is slow. So production require very high performance computing.
So we need a language which is easy to work like python and as fast as low level programming language like C.
Julia is the programming language which looks like Python and execute like C.
If you want to learn next generation fast scientific computing language and easy to work with Julia is the right solution for you and you have come at a right place to learn the Julia.
This course mainly focus on data science aspect of Julia. Although I am going to start with Julia introduction installation and major basic concepts related to Julia.
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