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Learn Introduction to tensorflow 2

Learn Introduction to tensorflow 2
Udemy Course Learn Introduction to tensorflow 2 | NED
learning models and deploy existing models with JavaScript. Learn more. For Mobile & IoT. Run inference with TensorFlowby Dan We

What you'll learn

  • Getting familiar with tensorflow 2.0
  • Learn model structures (sequential and functional api) implemented via keras
  • Create your own model class in tensorflow 2.0 with OOP
  • Learn object orientated programming in tensorflow 2.0
  • Create an image classification model including preprocessing steps with google colab in the cloud
  • You might open up new career opportunities for you which are not only highly rewarding but also offer more job satisfaction

Introduction to tensorflow 2.0

In this course you will learn how to use tensorflow 2.0 to create neural networks.

We will first take a quick review on the former tensorflow 1.x syntax and then start diving into the new tensorflow 2.0.

We will see how easy the new eager execution works and how to use the sequential and functional api. (if you already know keras you will find many things very familiar)

We will also learn how to create our own neural network class in tensorflow 2.0 using OOP (object orientated programing in python)

Finally we will leverage google colab to do image classification in the cloud. We first learn how to get the data, preprocess it and then designing our neural network model structure, train our network and finally make predictions on uploaded images.

We will use a kaggle dataset for the image classification task. All resources are either included or free to download.

So if that sound intersting to you then let's get into it!
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