Predictive Modeling, Regression and Statistics using Minitab

 Predictive Modeling, Regression and Statistics using Minitab
Udemy Course Predictive Modeling, Regression and Statistics using Minitab | NED
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by Avinash Data and Coding

What you'll learn
  • Learn Predictive Modeling
  • Through this course you will learn about introduction to regression modeling, identify independent variable, regression equation and tabulating the values.
  • Learn Analysis of Variance ANOVA in Minitab
  • Prior knowledge of Quantitative Methods
  • MS Office and Paint is desired.
  • In case the participant possesses an understanding of data analysis along with the VBA toolpack in MS Excel, it will be of good use in learning this course.
  • Minitab software in your PC
The objective of the course is to provide skills from the basic to the advanced level for the implementation of the concepts of Predictive Modeling with the help of the Minitab software. Although, development of the concepts of Predictive Modeling is significant, the capability of implementing it by making proper use of the appropriate software packages is of equal significance. The course attempts to fill in the gap that exists between an understanding of the various concepts and their practical implementation. T-test, Standard Deviation, Means and Descriptive Statistics are all explained by this course. The concepts of descriptive statistics that are explained by this course act as the building blocks for the other related courses that follow this course.
Quantitative methods along with the concepts of predictive modeling will be made use of in an extensive way for an understanding of the current behavior of the customers, movements of the financial markets and for the purpose of studying the tests as well as the effects in the sectors of pharma and medicine after the administration of the drugs. For the purpose of predictive analysis, the practical and also the theoretical databases are covered by the course. As the participant goes through the training that this course provides, the observations and interpretations along with the predictions and conclusions are explained then and there and relevant examples are also provided. This course will be helpful in working across a number of software packages like Paint, PDF writers, MS Office and Minitab. Apart from this, the distribution of the course has been done through six sub courses

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