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Sentiment Analysis with Python (Part 1) - Towards Data Science

Sentiment Analysis with Python (Part 1) - Towards Data Science
Udemy Course Sentiment Analysis with Python (Part 1) - Towards Data Science | NED
Sentiment Analysis is a common NLP task that Data Scientists need to perform. This is a straightforward guide to creating a barebones movie review classifier in Python. Future parts of this series will focus on improving the classifier. All of the code
 What you'll learn
  • Process text data
  • Interpret sentiment in reviews
  • Build a model to predict whether a review is positive or negative
  • Implement logic
  • Track data
  • Customize graphs
  • Implement responsiveness
  • Build data structures
  • Graph data with PyPlot
  • Build 3D graphs with PyPlot
  • Use common array functions
  • Replace Python lists with NumPy arrays
  • Build and use NumPy arrays
  • Use Pandas series

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