Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis with Tableau and R

Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis with Tableau and R
Udemy Course Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis with Tableau and R | NED
Text Analysis 101: Sentiment Analysis in Tableau & R. At the Tableau Partner Summit in London I attended a session about statistics and sets in Tableau. In this session, Oliver Linder, Sales Consultant at Tableau

What you'll learn
  • Connect Twitter and R to harvest Tweets for certain keywords
  • Perform sentiment analysis based on a simple lexicon approach
  • Clean and process Tweets for further analysis
  • Export text based data and sentiment scores from R
  • Use Tableau to visualize sentiment analysis data
  • Identify situations where sentiment analysis can be applied in a company

Extract valuable info out of Twitter for marketing, finance, academic or professional research and much more.

This course harnesses the upside of R and Tableau to do sentiment analysis on Twitter data. With sentiment analysis you find out if the crowd has a rather positive or negative opinion towards a given search term. This search term can be a product (like in the course) but it can also be a person, region, company or basically anything as long as it is mentioned regularly on Twitter.

While R can directly fetch the text data from Twitter, clean and analyze it, Tableau is great at visualizing the data. And that is the power of the method outlined in this course. You get the best of both worlds, a dream team.

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