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Unity Machine Learning with Python!

 Unity Machine Learning with Python!
Udemy Course  Unity Machine Learning with Python! | NED
Unity Machine Learning Agents, the first of Unity’s machine learning product offerings, trains intelligent agents with reinforcement learning and evolutionary methods via a simple Python API, which enables:

What you'll learn
  • Learn to code for game development in Unity C#
  • Learn to make game elements behave like real-life beings
  • Train an artificial brain to make a game work

"Good in depth explanations that are quick enough for those that have some familiarity to not get bored but thorough enough for those that have no experience." - Anthony Guertin

"I love this course." - William H Taylor


Learn to work in an exciting area of computer science and artificial intelligence. Learn techniques of the future of game development.

In this course we will train an artificial brain to make the game work. No matter where the present falls, the computer will know exactly how get it.

This course was funded by a wildly successful Kickstarter

Make an AI Christmas game! Our Unity game will have a holiday setting featuring a sled. Presents will fall from the sky. The goal will be to move the sled to catch the falling present. The game will need no human interaction.
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