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Upload and Image Processing with Laravel and DigitalOcean

 Upload and Image Processing with Laravel and DigitalOcean
Udemy Course Upload and Image Processing with Laravel and DigitalOcean | NED
Deploying Laravel on DigitalOcean provides you with the following advantages: Performance. DO’s performance doesn’t come at a cost. It is the first company to provide SSD-virtual machines. The droplets that DigitalOcean provides are lightning-fast
by Sebastian Sulinski

What you'll learn
  • Using Laravel in the real project
  • Upload files using Laravel
  • Process uploaded image i.e. crop, resize and apply filters
  • Create service and repository classes
  • Upload processed images to DigitalOcean Spaces and serve them over the Content Delivery Network
  • Write PhpUnit tests for the implementation
 Description During this course we will make use of Laravel's built in features and combine them with Intervention Image package in order to upload, process and save an image together with the number of generated variants designated for different screen types to DigitalOcean Spaces and how to serve them via the Content Delivery Network.
We'll make use of Services, Repositories, Processors and some other, well known programming concepts.
To ensure our codebase does what it's supposed to, we'll write a number of tests using PHPUnit and Laravel's built in tools.

This course is for the intermediate PHP and Laravel developers eager to learn how to build a flexible yet powerful component for their next Laravel project.
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