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90 Minute Contact Manager in FileMaker Pro

Udemy Course 90 Minute Contact Manager in FileMaker Pro | NED
90 Minute Contact Manager in FileMaker Pro Create a contact manager in this FileMaker pro 15 tutorial in less than 2 hours. Learn to build a contact management software in this FileMaker Pro beginners course.
by John Mark Osborne

What you'll learn
  • Create Fields
  • Learn Naming Convetions
  • Find Records
  • Create New Requests
  • Omit Records
  • Design an Interface
  • Use Themes
  • Communicate with External Programs
  • Create Buttons
  • Automate with Scripts
  • Create Popovers
  • Define Calculation Formulas
  • Create Relationships
  • Create Portals
  • Create Tab Controls
  • Students can be completely new to FileMaker or even have a little knowledge
  • A working copy of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced is required
  • A Macintosh or Windows computer is required

This course on FileMaker development is designed for beginners but with a goal of designing a complete contact management or CRM solution. Sections include creating fields, designing an interface, performing finds, creating a notes field, working with popovers, automating email and web browser communication, mass emailing, eliminating duplicates, birthday and to-do reminders, phone formatting and call logs. After completing this tutorial, students will not only have created a complete solution but be able to advance to intermediate tutorials. Completed example FileMaker files are included at each stage of the development in order to enhance the learning experience.

Who this course is for:
  • This FileMaker tutorial is designed for beginners with the intent of developing their own solution
  • The course will cover the basics in respect to developing a solution and move into some intermediate topics

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