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Creating a Password Manager in FileMaker

This beginner/intermediary course for FileMaker 17 covers the creation of a Password Management solution from scratch. Every nut and bolt will be shown to foster a better learning experience. However, anyone with FileMaker 12 through 17 will be able to use this tutorial to improve their FileMaker skills.
by John Mark Osborne

What you'll learn
  • Learn how to create layouts using themes and styles
  • Write scripts and calculations
  • Create relationships
  • Design Tables
  • Create housekeeping fields
  • Recreate the toolbar and gain more screen real estate
  • Create a basic open script
  • Use script triggers
  • Interface design
  • Notes portal
  • Adaptive related record addition and deletion
  • Security including accounts, privilege sets, extended privileges and file access
  • Encryption
  • Custom menus
  • File options
  • Random password creation
  • Preferences for a single-user solution
  • Buttons including scripted buttons and popovers
  • Students should be familiar with the basics of browse, find, layout and preview mode which can be achieved by taking any of the beginner courses also available on Udemy
  • The course is taught using FileMaker 17 but can be taken by any with FileMaker 13 or later

Learn FileMaker Scripting, Calculations, Relationships and Layout Design while creating a password management solution from the guy who actually wrote the book, Scriptology: FileMaker Pro Demystified. With over two decades of experience teaching FileMaker, John Mark Osborne will help you understand tough FileMaker concepts with ease. Beginner/Intermediate FileMaker techniques will be taught throughout this tutorial. In order to better understand every nut and bolt that goes into designing a solution, a single file will be created from scratch. The chosen solution is a password management solution that organizes the plethora of passwords needed in this digital age. The completed FileMaker file at each stage is provided to assist with the learning process.

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