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FileMaker Document Management Solution

A FileMaker document management software can track and store both online and/or digital documents, keep track of different versions that have been modified, and can be a significant part of any enterprise content management system today.

What you'll learn
  • Create portals, filtered portals and filtered relationships
  • Learn how to script complex automations with decision making intelligence
  • Create adaptive or dynamic scripts
  • Work with modular scripting
  • Capture errors and redirect programming with error analysis
  • Compare and contrast different approaches to a problem in order to design better solutions
  • Learn the differences and best uses for global fields, variables and parameters
  • Examine new features in the FileMaker 17 platform including Default Fields, Found Set Portal (Master-Detail Layout) and more
  • Recreate the status toolbar
  • Define an open script
  • Script insertion into a container field
  • Open and export the contents of a container field
  • Attach the contents of a container field to an email including multiple attachments ala FileMaker 17
  • Interface design
  • Find script
  • Notes portals
  • Adding a row to a portal at the top of the portal
  • Work with GetNthRecord and Extend to create a thumbnail view
  • Custom functions
  • Dynamically name windows
  • Track revisions to container content
  • Students should be familiar with the basics of browse, find, layout and preview mode which can be achieved by taking any of the beginner courses also available on Udemy
  • Students should be familiar with scripting, relational design and calculations although only a basic knowledge is necessary
  • The course is taught using FileMaker 17 but can be taken by any with FileMaker 13 or later

Learn FileMaker Scripting, Calculations, Relationships and Reporting while creating a document or content management solution from the guy who actually wrote the book, Scriptology: FileMaker Pro Demystified. With over two decades of experience teaching FileMaker, John Mark Osborne will help you understand tough FileMaker concepts with ease. Intermediate and some advanced FileMaker techniques will be taught throughout this tutorial. In order to better understand every nut and bolt that goes into designing a solution, a single file will be created from scratch. The chosen solution is a a document management solution that organizes PDF, Picture, Word, Excel or any document you want to place into FileMaker. The completed FileMaker file at each stage is provided to assist with the learning process.

Who this course is for:
  • Students will learn how to design a complete solution from the ground up including layout design, scripting, calculations, relational design and reporting
  • A Content or Document Management solution will be used as the basis for the course but the concepts learned can be applied to any solution
  • This is an intermediate course with some beginner and some advanced material

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