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KNIME Analytics Bootcamp - ETL Tools for Data Science

 KNIME Analytics Bootcamp - ETL Tools for Data Science
Udemy Course KNIME Analytics Bootcamp - ETL Tools for Data Science | NED
License our customizable software for on-premises data annotation in your own environment. Robust platform with tools, templates, workflows, and quality assurance built in.New
by Yoda Learning
What you'll learn
  • JOIN Types
  • Changing names of the column headers
  • Merging columns to create a new column
  • Pattern Matching Criteria
  • Range Checking Criteria
  • Finding Data Patterns
  • Everyone who deals with the data on day-to-day basis
  • If you want to learn basics of KNIME
  • Anyone into Analysis, Machine Learning and AI
Data pre-processing and coding is a prerequisite to move ahead in Data Science. KNIME eliminates those hurdles for you.
This course is for anyone who is familiar with tools such as Excel or Power Query (ETL). This course will help you get a head start in Data Science without any coding.
We’ll learn some practical applications of data blending and manipulation and apply our knowledge in the real world and solve business queries immediately. Following are the topics that we'll cover in this course:
  • JOIN Types - Left Outer, Right Outer, Full Outer, Inner, Left Anti, and Right Anti
  • Splitting one column into two
  • Change the name of the column headers
  • Merge columns to create a new column
  • Find out list of Male/Female candidates (Pattern Matching Criteria)
  • Filter out people whose credit score exceed a certain limit (Range Checking Criteria)
  • Pivoting with multiple columns and complex aggregation methods
  • Finding data patterns
By the end of the course, we will feel comfortable working with the KNIME Analytics Platform.

Who this course is for:
  • If you use a lot of Excel and want to take your skills to the next level
  • Anyone who struggle to write VBA Macros code for automation
  • Anyone who is completely new to KNIME
  • Users who are looking for quick shortcuts, tips & tricks of KNIME
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