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Master Google Analytics with Tag Manager and Data Studio

 Master Google Analytics with Tag Manager and Data Studio | Udemy NED

Data Studio. Bring your data to life with engaging, customizable reports. Optimize. Test variations of your sites and apps. Surveys. Get fast, reliable opinions from real people. Tag Manager. Manage all your tags without editing code.

by Rudranil Chakrabortty

What you'll learn
  • Understand all pre-defined reports in Google Analytics comprehensively (For Beginners)
  • Setup a free, live website to practice real-life Google Analytics techniques hands-on, along with the instructor
  • Learn to collect customized data from your website with advanced concepts such as Events, Goals, Custom Metrics, User-ID and more
  • Set-in-motion advanced level of data collection from your website using Google Tag Manager and Data Layer concepts
  • Build advanced reports step-by-step for customized reporting using Data Studio
  • Get your certification, become a Marketing Analytics specialist

  • No prerequisites
  • A basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript is helpful, however, not necessary

"You are in for 18 hours of rigorous step-by-step mastery of Google Analytics basic and advanced reports, Google Tag Manager, and Google Data Studio (with hands-on exercises on a real website). In this course, I shall take you through the basics, from things as simple as installing Google Analytics Tracking code on your website, to topics as advanced as using the data layer in Google Tag Manager. We shall learn about basic concepts such as bounce rate, users vs sessions, audience, and channels. We shall also learn about advanced concepts such as events, goals, funnels, multi-channel attribution, and user-ID features. We shall learn how to make business decisions using Google Analytics and how Google Analytics works behind the scenes. I shall also tell you why the generally understood meaning of bounce rate is pretty much wrong ;-)."

Once you have completed this course, I guarantee that it will be a cakewalk for you to set up an advanced Google Analytics account for any website."


Welcome to my course on Google Analytics. Let's see why you should take it.

I have been a product marketing specialist for years and I deal with a lot of online marketing optimization exercises. I experiment a lot on web pages, marketing ads, sales messages, etc. Frankly, without the data from Google Analytics, I would be simply shooting in the dark as an online marketer.

Think of your website’s homepage. You added a beautiful looking banner, a very strong product message, and a great CTA on the page. Everything felt perfect. In the next 10 days, the homepage stopped generating revenue altogether. Why? Is it the banner? Is it the message? Is it the call to action? Where do you even start? It is simply impossible to achieve online marketing goals if marketing analytics is not in place.

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