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Python Made Easy for Beginners: Small Basis but Full Power

 Python Made Easy for Beginners: Small Basis but Full Power | Udemy NED

Python Made Easy for Beginners: Small Basis but Full Power 5.0 (1 rating) Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.


What you'll learn
  • Learn to basic programming skills in Python
  • Learn about variables (integers, floats and strings) in Python
  • Learn and master lists in Python - basic building block in effective data processing
  • Learn and master read, write and processing text files in Python
  • Learn how to structure code into functions to reuse and share it between modules
  • How to create loops in programs
  • Learn professional integrated development environment
  • A lot of practice programming in Python
  • How to master the Python dictionaries to make simple adaptable code for statistics
  • How to master CSV files and making plots on maps (e.g., shooting incident in NYPD)
  • An appetite to learn programming

Python is the chosen language to learn programming for obvious reasons:

  • Python is easy to master

  • It is easy to solve complex problems in an elegant manner

  • ...and it is a used by many professionals in most professions

Why learn programming in Python?

  • Almost any job needs some kind of programming skills.

  • You can automate the things that you repeat again and again to get more free time.

  • Done right, it is easy to start programming.

The best way to learn Python is by programming.

This course will teach you the basic principles to master the language.

  • You want to program to solve problems or automate work for you.

  • You need to understand the basic building blocks to achieve that.

  • You want to minimise that set of building blocks to get started with your goal.

This course is optimised to focus on what is needed to be a proficient programmer to get started on your journey to become a highly skilled programmer that can solve anything in Python.

To optimise your learning the course is structured in small learning cycles.

  • Each concepts and building block is taught one at the time.

  • Then we write the code together.

  • Then you will get an exercise to do the same to ensure your understand it.

Programming is the best way to learn Python. You will not learn Python without typing in the code yourself. You don't expect to learn how to ride a bicycle by watching videos of others explaining how they master to bike. No, it takes practice.

If you want to become a good programmer you need to have some basic understanding of the underlying programming concepts. The more programming concepts you understand, the more problems you can solve in Python. But you want to optimise the start of your journey to only focus on the necessities.

In this course we will cover some essential types, program flows, loops and managing files in an straight forward and easy to understand way. You will be learning along the way and implement the various steps along the way.

This course covers the following.

  • Simple types in Python: integers, floats and strings.

  • Lists in Pyton.

  • Program flow with conditions. How the programs decided what to do based on conditions.

  • Loops. How to repeat tasks. Iterating over lists. For-loops. While-loops.

  • How to structure and reuse code by defining functions.

  • Reading content from files.

  • Interpreting content from files.

  • Writing to files.

  • Processing files.

  • How to develop in a professional integrated development environment (PyCharm)

  • How to use PyCharm.

  • Debugging.

  • How to share your code between files.

  • How to master the Python dictionaries to make simple adaptable code for statistics.

  • How to easy create interesting statistics from CSV files.

  • How to master CSV files and making plots on maps showing where the shooting incident are in NY.

  • Also where to get more data to play with for your own project - basically get you started plotting and analyzing awesome data available online.

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