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REST Assured with Java -Basics to Framework

I will use TestNG to create test cases with REST Assured, you can use JUnit too. You can learn about TestNG framework through our TestNG Tutorials. REST Assured Tutorial. Create a maven based project in Eclipse and add Rest Assured and TestNG dependencies.
by Sashi R

What you'll learn
  • Write Automation test scrips for REST APIs
  • Implement Data Driven Framework (Using Excel/CSV) with complete end-to-end scenarios
  • Automate OAuth2 Token generation and Call REST APIs
  • Integrate test scripts with TestNG ,JUnit & Log4J Frameworks
  • Call APIs with OAuth2 tokens
  • Call Protected Rest APIs with Basic Authentication

By end of this course you will be familiar in testing REST APIs using  Rest Assured scripts.The course has been prepared in such a way that you can learn this course starting from basics to advanced topics in a progressive way. Course has assignments/quizzes for you to practice and strengthen your knowledge.

By end of this course you will be familiar in:
  • Different method types used by Rest APIs - GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.
  • Write assertions for the REST API responses.
  1. - Understand RequestSpecification and re-use them for multiple requests
  2. - Understand ResponseSpecification to simplify and re-use response assertions
  1. - Call Protected Rest APIs with Basic Authentication
  2. - Generate OAuth2 Token using Java program
  3. - Call APIs with OAuth2 tokens
Framework Integration
  1. - Write test cases using JUnit and TestNG Frameworks
  2. - Log messages using Log4J Framework
Data Driven Testing
  1. - Learn how to read data from CSV files
  2. - Learn how to read data from Excel sheets
  3. - Writing data to excel sheet
  4. - Implement Data Driven Framework with complete end-to-end scenarios.
Course Highlights:
  • "We respect your time"- all the videos are short and straight to point without wasting your valuable time.
  • Assignments  - Given assignments  along with required resources, which will help to do enough practice.
  • Short and precise videos
  • Checkpoint questions
  • Local Rest API :Provided a REST APIs which you can run on your local machine. You no need to depend on internet.

I offer full support, answering any questions you have.

This means you’ll never find yourself stuck on one lesson with out progress. With my hand-holding guidance, you’ll learn smoothly through this course without any major issues.
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