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 Udemy Course SAP2000 DEEP LEARNING | NED
deep learning. The course focuses on building models for enterprise problems, including when to use deep learning, examples of industry applications, and how to deploy deep learning in enterprise systems. All examples are implemented using the TensorFlow framework.
by IlsonTeux Eux

What you'll learn
  • Introduction on SAP 2000
  • Comprehend the logic of the program
  • Analysis and design of simple structures to complicated structures
  • Preliminary design of the structures with cross section designs
  • Exporting or importing datas from another files
  • Preparing report on the program
  • Analysis of structures with frames
  • Analysis of structures with shell members
  • Analysis of complicated buildings under several loading, and design of cross sections with respect to these loading results
  • In this course, you will learn logic of the program. The first thing is introduction  step. In this step, you will be familiar with main and pull down menus one by one.
  • Then, modeling frame structures and loading of the structure will be introduced basically.
  • In next lectures, designing and modeling of manhole will be introduced. In manhole modeling, you will be introduced creating circles, meshing, loadings and load combinations for shell members.
  • After those lectures, a more complicated building modeling will be designed under earthquake and some other loading types.
  • The last step of the course is the designation of cross section of members. The course offers you the basic properties of the program, however, with the help of those lectures you will obtain logic of the program. Therefore, if you follow the lectures, you can make design and analysis of any type of the structure.
Who this course is for:
  • Students, civil engineers, structural engineers
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