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The Complete JavaScript Closures Course

The Complete JavaScript Closures Course
Udemy Course The Complete JavaScript Closures Course | NED
JavaScript, closures are created every time a function is created, ... Because the loop has already run its course NEW
by Will Sentance, Phillip Troutman

What you'll learn

  • Get a mature understanding of main JavaScript principles
  • Learn how returning functions from functions works
  • Get an introduction on Scope and the Call Stack
  • Rebuild and diagram the Once function in JavaScript
  • Use Closure to create a Memoize function
  • Learn how to use Closure in professional engineering
  • Improve your technical communication
  • Have a set of professional techniques for writing more maintainable code


In this course, we'll dive deep into JavaScript Closures. We'll cover what Closures are and then diagram through examples to highlight the true power of Closures.

Why learn Closure when I could be learning Node or React?

The purpose of this course is for you to take time out of ‘making it work to meet deadlines’ to truly understand a concept that will allow you to accelerate all your future engineering.

Closure is that building block that all the other concepts sit upon. 4 of the most important areas of modern programming rest on it:

  • Professional-grade functions like memoize and once to write cleaner and more efficient code
  • Design patterns like Node’s module pattern (the CommonJS pattern)
  • Functional programming techniques like partial application, currying and monads
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and the callback pattern

So how should I learn this?

In this course, we will visualize every line of code as it runs. There are no mysteries in programming if you don’t skip steps!

We’re going to develop a mental model of closure that’s intuitive but built from scratch. It’s not a bad thing either that one of Google’s favorite interview questions is ‘What is closure’ - this is the concept that can truly test your understanding of the language.

You will follow along with four other developers as we lead them through the code and as they hit blocks, ask questions and have them resolved (in something like the socratic method). We'll also go into Q&A sessions with these developers, thus answering questions you may have along the way.

Additionally, at the end of the course, you will get access to a special interview with Olivier De Meulder, the Senior Engineering Manager at New York Times and the author of the most popular Closure article on Medium - "I never understood JavaScript closures - Until someone explained it to me like this."

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