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HTML5 Basics - Fundamentals

 HTML5 Basics - Fundamentals
HTML5 Basics - Fundamentals | Udemy Coupon NED
HTML5 Fundamentals, you'll learn about HTML5 from the new and updated markup to the associated JavaScript APIs that help make up the modern web. After gaining perspective on the breadth, scope, and history of HTML5 you learn about native selection, web forms, media, drawing, and drag and drop APIs.

What you'll learn
  • How to build a static web site using HTML5
  • How to use Cascading Style Sheets within HTML
  • Basic JavaScript programming in HTML
  • Using an editor such as Visual Studio Code to code HTML
  • Basics of Bootstrap and Responsive Design

In this course, we will cover the basics of programming using HTML 5. you don’t need to have any IT experience to complete this course.
I demonstrate every single lecture on how to write HTML. You will find all the code examples on each lecture.
What you will learn is how to create a static web site, using the basic fundamentals using HTML code.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Web Developers

I am an IT professional with 28+ Years of IT experience, developing and architecting large corporate solutions. I completed my Master's Degree in Computer Science, major in Development Operations with First Class Honours. I started as a developer in the early '90s using different development languages, such as Visual Basic, Clarion, C++ and for the past 20 Year, C# and .Net development. I am currently a senior solution architect for a large international insurance company. I am also Certified in TOGAF 9.

I love to mentor developers, my team members and programmers who want to progress to the next level. I make these lectures to help those that are always willing to learn a new skill.
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