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Jamovi: A Powerful R-based Statistical Analyses Tool


 Jamovi: A Powerful R-based Statistical Analyses Tool  Create Cool Awesome Fun Visualizations and Analyse Data using an Open Source Free Fun R-based GUI.

What you'll learn
  • Install, run, and navigate Jamovi and Jamovi Modules
  • Import data, define variables, create new computed and transformed variables; Filter data and Export Results
  • Install R, RStudio, Jamovi RPackages, and use jamovi's syntax mode code in R
  • Demonstrations of each Jamovi's Base Analyses: T-Tests, ANOVAs, Regressions, Frequencies and Factor
  • Some familiarity with stats and spreadsheets


Complete Beginner Course

If you're looking for a tool that can help you get started on your research and analyses and have decided to go with Jamovi, then this is the right course for you. This course will give you an introductory overview of how to use Jamovi and what it's main features are. Anyone can take this course. You don't have to be a stats expert or some kind of special researcher. It's mainly about how to use the tool, Jamovi.

Get Started with R Programming

If you're learning the R programming language, this is a handy tool to have under your belt. Its syntax mode can act like a little cheat code generator for you to use in R and instantaneously be able to do everything that you can do in Jamovi in RStudio.

In This Course

  • You'll get some information about Jamovi's user interface and how you can get it to do stuff. It's a pretty straight forward interface, there's actually not much explanation  needed. You'll be amazed and surprised at just how easy to use and intutitive Jamovi is. It's beatifully designed and great to use.

  • You'll find out just how easy it to bring your data into Jamovi, set your variables to ordinal, nominal, continuous, add some new computed and transformed variables, and use filters to focus on specific areas of your dataset.

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