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Learn React in 21 days - beginners

What you'll learn. javascript. React js. various npm environments. industrual knowldge about web development. Course content. 3 sections

What you'll learn
  • javascript
  • React js
  • various npm environments

This course is designed in such a way that In this course you will be learning how to build a website or web app using React js. We also explore various other concepts like npm, components , state-props etc.

Initially we woud learn some basic javascript concepts then proceed to understand some interesting addons like pachage installation how to learn a live server and etc...

Who this course is for:
  • web developers
  • front end developers
  • javascript developers

My name is Bharath Sharma and Iam a self taught programmer who likes to explore new stuff related to my interestiing domain and experiment a lot with my expertise.

I've done my graduation in bachelors Computer Science and Engineering.

I'll make sure all of my learning efforts are put on in the process of teaching you adding a little technical value in your skillset. i have been practising and exploring React since 6 months and built a couple of projects using the same ,would love to share my knowledge with others and see what potentially amazing things turn around with it.

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