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Mastering Data Analysis

Udemy Course NED |  Mastering Data Analysis
Learn different techniques for data analysis that can be easily ... Master advanced Excel formulas and tools from Vlookup to Pivot Tables, create ...

What you'll learn
  • Data Analysis and Report Writing Processes
  • Basic Microsoft Excel and Analysis Skills

Data analysis is critical in business. Decision making and problem solving depend on analytical findings. Not only do we need good sources of data, but we need skills that allow us to report the results

Discover techniques the best practices for expert analysis by learning how to define, collect, and report findings.

Who this course is for:
  •  Analysts, managers, and all business professionals
Lauri Sowa is Owner of WiseOwlOps, Inc. and an International Consultant and Trainer in Finance and Data Management. She has 20 years of business and analytical training coupled with 30 years in finance and administration.

Lauri conducts regular seminars and workshops on a variety of Financial, Accounting, Analytical, and Office 365 subjects. She specializes in Microsoft Excel and Data Management.

Her communication skills are strong as she is a columnist and author of numerous tutorials on finance, software, and analytics.

Contact her at or (805)434-7070
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