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Mastering Git Fundamentals: With BitBucket & GitHub

Objective. Learn the basics of Git with this space themed tutorial. ... git status On branch master Initial commit Untracked files: (use "git add <file>..." to include in ...

What you'll learn
  • About Git - the most popular version control system
  • How Files are organized in Git
  • About GitHub, BitBucket for File Repository
  • About Git Internals and Git workflows
  • Installing Git on Windows
  • Easily work with Bash shell
  • Work with Any Git based repos- BitBucket, GitHub, GitLab
  • About Distributed Version control systems
  • Learn git rebase, merge, pull requests, etc

Version control systems is a central component for any file based project. Weather you are a Software Developer, QA Engineer, or a Project Manager, chances are that you might have already heard about version control systems and probably about GIT.

Well even if you are not in software engineering field, Git will be helpful to version control any files or store your files for free in cloud based repo like GitHub.

Git is a third generation version control system and far more improved tool if compared to the previous version control tools like SVN. In this course on Git, we will start from the fundamentals and learn each and every crucial command in detail with good real life scenarios and in a easy way. Starting from installing the git tool, creating repository, cloning, pushing to central cloud storage, and to more intimidating concepts like merge, rebases, resolving conflicts and others will be covered in abundance and easy to understand details.

We will decode GIT the stupid content tracker, and learn that its more intelligent and smarter to work with. You don't need any technical background for taking this course. If you have a PC, laptop and Internet connection(for few sessions) then its more than enough. This course contains all the information that you need to use Git fluently in your day to day tasks.

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