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OutSystems Reactive Web for Beginners

  OutSystems Reactive Web for Beginners

Udemy Course OutSystems Reactive Web for Beginners

We think these articles could help: Getting Started. Create Your First Reactive Web App. Entities. Implement asynchronous data fetching using Aggregates. Generate and Distribute Your Mobile App to a Limited Group of End Users. Use the Azure LUIS Connector in OutSystems apps. Manage IT Users. Client Variable. | NED

What you'll learn
  • What is OutSystems and the OutSystems Community
  • How to create an OutSystems web application from data modeling to screens implementation
  • Low Code Application Development
  • How to create an application in Reactive Web
  • How to debug and monitor using the platform tools
Learn what is OutSystems and how easy and fast you can create your first application using the most complete low-code platform on the market. With this course, you will create a simple application with OutSystems Reactive Web to manage your expenses and bank transactions, going from data model definition to application screens and also learning how you can debug and monitor your application using the platform tools.
Who this course is for:
  • Web developers that want to learn what OutSystems has to offer, focus on the newest version of the Platform with the reactive web development approach.
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