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Python-Mastering Data Understanding and Data Visualization

Eventually, you’ll be ready to put your own data on display. Sometimes a simple pie chart or a graph will do the job. But if you’re looking to do something more creative with your data visualization to engage your audience,

 What you'll learn
  • The importance of data manipulation and visualization in Data Science
  • How to manage text data with strings
  • The basics of Data Structures in Python
  • CRUD operations on Data Structures (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete)
  • The importance of the NumPy package for Data Processing
  • How to build complicated applications like KNN with a few lines of codes in NumPy
  • The importance of the Pandas package for Data Manipulation and Data Understanding
  • Process Covid-19 Real Data file Using Pandas
  • The basics of visualization using Matplotlib
  • 3D visualizations in Matplotlib

Are you ready to start your path to becoming a data manipulation and visualization expert?

Do you know nothing about data manipulation and visualization but want to know them well enough so that you can implement projects?

Are you worried that learning data manipulation and visualization is going to be tough?

Do you ever wonder if Data Scientists having a good understanding of data manipulation and visualization have a bright future?

Listen to what the most relevant people have to say:

“Data Science will automate jobs that most people thought could only be done by people.” ~ Dave Waters

“Just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, today, I actually have a hard time thinking of an industry that I don’t think Artificial Intelligence/Data Science will transform in the next several years.” ~Andrew Ng

“A breakthrough in Data Science would be worth ten Microsofts.” ~ Bill Gates

Data is, without a doubt, the new electricity. Over the next several years, data is going to transform everything. And guess what? Data manipulation and visualization skills are at the core of Data Science.

There are lots of courses and lectures out there regarding data manipulation and visualization. But this course is different!

This course follows a step-by-step and straightforward methodology. In every new tutorial, you will build on what you have already learned and move one extra step forward. You are then assigned a small task that you solve at the beginning of the next video.

You start by first learning the theoretical part of a data visualization concept. Then, you implement everything practically, using Python. We are using Python as a programming language because it has a lot of demand in the market. Plus, it is a super easy and efficient language. Python is the hottest programming language nowadays if we talk about machine learning or data science, and thus for data manipulation and visualization.

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