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Scully: Generating a static site with Angular

Scully: Generating a static site with Angular

Link : Scully: Generating a static site with Angular

Transform your Angular application into a high performing, super-fast JAMstack static website.
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Created by Ewan Tavener

Scully Tutorial: A Static Site Generator for Angular Websites

  • Create a new Angular app.
  • Install external dependencies.
  • Write an Angular service.
  • Create the necessary components.
  • Add Scully to generate an Angular static website.

What you'll learn

  • Generating a static website from an existing Angular application
  • Generating a static site with Angular and Scully
  • Generating a JAMstack site with Angular

For 7 days I'm offering this course for free.
Yes, that's right. You can build static sites with Angular (v8+).
You can also transform your existing Angular sites into high-performing static sites with very few code changes.

Why should you consider a static site?

  • Massive performance improvements - load your page instantly
  • Better SEO - Access page content without javascript
  • Cheaper - overheads are reduced
  • Simpler infrastructure
  • JAMstack is the future!

About this course

In this course, I'll use an Angular 9 application as my example. It uses Wordpress APIs to get content, and it currently takes a while to load page content.
Step-by-step, I'll go through the simple process of transforming this into a high performing static website. At the end of the process, the site will load instantly.
If at any point something doesn't make sense or doesn't work, then you can feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to support you.
So, let's get going!
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