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Serverless Django with Docker & Google Cloud Run

 Serverless Django with Docker & Google Cloud Run
Udemy Serverless Django with Docker & Google Cloud Run | NED
Django on Cloud Run. Introduction. Setup and requirements. Enable the Cloud APIs. Create a template project. Create the backing services. Configure your project. Containerize your app and upload it to Container Registry. Run the migration steps.


What you'll learn
  • Django Deployment
  • Django Settings Modules for Local & Production Deployment
  • Google Cloud Run & Build
  • Google Cloud SQL for Django
  • Cloud SQL Proxy for Local Access to Production Database

Deploy a production-ready Serverless Django Application by using a Docker Container, Google Cloud Build, Google Cloud SQL, & Google Cloud Run.
Serverless allows us to focus on our code and deploy more. What's better, our serverless applications only cost us money when they're used.
Docker Containers make it easy to create our own isolated environment on the operating system level. This is exactly what we need in so many applications.
Learn to build and deploy a serverless Django application on Google Cloud Platform's Cloud Run service.
Serverless apps using containers is seriously amazing. Let's see why.

We'll cover:
  • Minimal Dockerfile for Containerizing Django
  • Cloud Build
  • Cloud SQL with Postgres
  • Cloud SQL Proxy for Local Dev Access
  • Cloud Run
Who this course is for:
  • Django Developers Looking to use Serverless in Production
  • Django Developers Looking to have more control over their OS running their app (via Docker)
  • Django Developers interested in using Docker
  • Python Web App developers Looking to learn how to use Cloud SQL with Cloud Run & Cloud Build
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