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Slim 4 Authentication (Micro Laravelification)

Slim is a PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and APIs. At its core, Slim is a dispatcher that receives an HTTP ...

What you'll learn

  • How to setup Slim 4 & slowly make it a fully fledged Php framework similar to Laravel
  • Slim 4, with Laravel Blade Templates
  • Define Global Functions Via Composer Autoloading
  • Slim 4 Controllers
  • Slim 4 Service Providers Similar To Laravels
  • Slim 4 Http Kernel & Console Kernel
  • Whoops Page, within Slim 4
  • env file and variables within Slim 4
  • Integrate With Laravel's Eloquent ORM into Slim 4 to allow for simplified Database Interactions
  • Integrate Cake Php's Phinx Package Into Slim 4 allowing us to create migrations & seeders
  • Create Factories With Faker -- From Scratch
Slim 4 is a micro framework. Unbiased, incredibly abiding to PSR (Php Standard Recommendations), and ultimately able to easily integrate many, many components and packages -- including those from other major frameworks and component libraries.

During this series, using Laravel's architecture as inspiration, we will slowly take Slim's unbiased code and build it out to a more full featured framework.

What features are we adding into slim?

- Service Providers
- Http Kernel
- Console Kernel
- Config Directory
- .env (Environment Variables & Files)
- Global, auto loaded, helper functions
- CSRF Protection
- Tailwind CSS
- Vue JS
- Laravel Collections
- Laravel Validators
- Laravel Str Helper
- Laravel Blade Templates
- Cake Php's Phinx
   -> Phinx migrations
   -> Phinx seeds
- Custom Factories (Using Faker)
- etc...

Through the Laravelification of Slim 4, we will also set up authorization and eventually the ability for a user to reset their account password via email. We'll locally be able to send emails, flash failed form error messages to the front end, pass success form messages to the front end, setup the ability to re-populate "old" form data AKA failed form data so our users don't have to re-type everything in if the validation for the form fails.
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