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Udemy Course Creation for Passive Income (Unofficial)

Work part time, or full time, as a Udemy instructor earning passive income.


What you'll learn
  • Editing sound, audio, and images to create engaging course materials from scratch
  • Build profitable, passive income courses and create a life of freedom
  • Avoid making costly mistakes or investing time in a non profitable subject
  • Know exactly what equipment you'll need to create your course
  • Launch successfully, even if you don't have an existing audience

Udemy Course Creation - A Straight Talking Guide to Building a Passive Income on Udemy

If you've always wanted to create an online income that earns while you sleep, and you're passionate about teaching on Udemy then this course is for you. You can expect a comprehensive A-Z guide covering everything from topic selection, filming equipment, editing techniques, uploading, promoting without a mailing list, and much much more. This course is straight talking, totally transparent, and extremely practical.

I've been teaching on Udemy now for 3 years and earned over $100,000. Just like you I started with one course and not a lot of confidence, but now I've created 25 courses and earn a full time income online. I didn't initially plan to ever make a Udemy tutorial course, but it's so highly requested by people I meet that I decided to put all my knowledge in one place and inspire you to go out and make a course!

I know creating your first Udemy course can be intimidating, but I'm hear to tell you it's absolutely just following a recipe. This guide gives you step by step instructions, and before you know it you'll be launching multiple courses. I'm so excited to teach you all about becoming a Udemy instructor and sharing my passion with you!

After taking this course you will:

  • Have your own fully fledged Udemy course live and selling

  • Choose a great course topic that'll be profitable long term

  • Know which cameras, microphone, lighting, and equipment can help you on your Udemy journey...and where to cut costs

  • Plan out your Udemy course without needing a script

  • Record in a calm and confident environment

  • Master creating an engaging and creative promo video

  • Do fast video editing that keep your course looking professional

  • Understand SEO on Udemy and know how to rapidly improve your sales

  • Successfully design, build and update your course description page and thumbnail

  • Work part time, or full time, as a Udemy instructor earning passive income

Whether it's gaming, business, travel, or beauty you're passionate about, this course will give you everything you need to be a success on Udemy. Take this course today, and begin your journey to having a full fledged career as a Udemy instructor!

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