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Verilog HDL: VLSI Hardware Design Comprehensive Masterclass

Verilog HDL: VLSI Hardware Design Comprehensive Masterclass. From an expert with 15+ years experience. Core Design principles for VLSI, .

What you'll learn

  • Unlimited instructor support !
  • Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) design flow and its related fundamentals
  • Learn more than enough to start designing real life circuits using HDL
  • Have a clear understanding of how to and how not to write a piece of HDL code
  • The close relationship between hardware and code
  • From basics to key principles for design engineers
  • A detailed discussion on every bit of code and hardware
  • Mandatory: A passion to learn and practice regularly and systematically
  • Basics of Digital Logic Design
  • Fundamentals of VLSI
  • Optional: Any coding experience shall help although not necessary
  • Computer architecture

A job oriented exhaustive course on logic design for hardware using the Verilog Hardware Description Language.

Unique, tested and proven structured style and approach followed.

Thoughtful blend of theory and practice for your learning.

Unlimited support with the instructor.

Understand all the intricate details in thinking and understanding hardware design.

Principles are reinforced with multiple examples.

Good coding guidelines and bad examples to avoid.

After completing the course, you can confidently write synthesizable code for complex hardware design.

Thorough discussion of every hardware component design.

Detailed explanation of the relationship between code and digital hardware units.

Freely download 100+ code examples and test benches used in the course.

Access to all the materials and the future upgrades.
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