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AWS Big Data service - get ready for the job interview

AWS Big Data service - get ready for the job interview

AWS Big Data service - get ready for the job interview | Udemy Coupon ED
Amazon Web Service (AWS) is one of the fastest growing field in technology world. ... is that you will be able to demand higher salary in your next job interview. ... you will be well prepared to face a technical interview in Amazon Web Services ... in Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services, Microservices, Data Science
Created by Bartosz Konieczny

How to assert your knowledge on AWS Big Data services? How to verify that you know enough before the next job interview or certification?
There are different ways to do that. Pass different job interviews and learn after each one, ask questions to the community on the user groups. Usually, those are time-consuming approaches and one of their alternatives are quizzes. They provide not only a set of precise questions about the services but also give you some hints where to find the answers.
AWS Big Data services quiz is a 300+ questions quiz based on my preparation for AWS Big Data specialty certification that I passed in January 2020 with the score of 82%. The questions are scenario-based to facilitate their understanding. There is nothing worse than asking a question without any relationship to the business use case. Overall, you will find the questions around 6 topics, covering batch and streaming processing, data security and various storage techniques.

More exactly, thanks to the quiz you'll be able to assert your knowledge about the following AWS services: Athena, CloudWatch, Data Pipeline, Database Migration Service, DynamoDB, DynamoDB Streams, EMR, Glue,  IoT, Kinesis Data Analytics, Kinesis Data Streams, Kinesis Firehose, Lake Formation, Lambda,  Redshift, S3, Schema Conversion Tool,  Snowball, StepFunctions, Storage Gateway, QuickSight.

Happy learning!

  • Who this course is for:
  • AWS users who want to pass any of data-related certification
  • AWS users who simply want to check how well they know AWS data services
  • not experienced AWS users who want to discover the AWS services they don't know
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