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Beginner Statistics for Data Analytics - Learn the Easy Way!

 Beginner Statistics for Data Analytics - Learn the Easy Way!

Beginner Statistics for Data Analytics - Learn the Easy Way! Udemy Coupon ED

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What you'll learn

  • Understand the fundamentals of statistics w/o memorizing complicated formulas
  • Make better, more accurate data-driven decisions
  • Understand and carry out a regression analysis
  • Make estimates using confidence intervals
  • Plot different types of data using scatter plots and histograms
  • Calculate correlation, standard deviation, and other measures
  • No background of statistics is necessary! We'll start with the basics and build from there.
  • Any version of Excel will work but preferably Excel 2016+
This is not another boring stats course. We'll teach you the fundamental statistical tools to be successful in analytics...without boring you with complex formulas and theory.
Statistical analysis can benefit almost anyone in any industry. We live in a world flooded with data. Having the tools to analyze and synthesize that data will help you stand out on your team.
In a few short hours, you'll have the fundamental skills to help you immediately start applying sophisticated statistical analyses to your data.

Our course is: 
  • Very easy to understand - There is not memorizing complex formulas (we have Excel to do that for us) or learning abstract theories. Just real, applicable knowledge.
  • Fun - We keep the course light-hearted with fun examples
  • To the point - We removed all the fluff so you're just left with the most essential knowledge

What you'll be able to do by the end of the course 
  1. Create visualizations such as histograms and scatter plots to visually show your data  
  2. Apply basic descriptive statistics to your past data to gain greater insights
  3. Combine descriptive and inferential statistics to analyze and forecast your data
  4. Utilize a regression analysis to spot trends in your data and build a robust forecasting model

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